About Us

Curious childrenIt has been said many times over the years that “Content is King”.  Think More, Be More Inc. is a content generating machine.  With superior strategies and implementation of technology, Think More will be able to develop libraries of videos, the most effective tool for communication 24 hours a day on the worldwide web.  Numerous specially designed websites, interlinked and SEO optimized will provide access to this content to the most targeted audiences possible.  By developing superior content, we will be able to interact with, and communicate with businesses, people, and organizations in ways most businesses cannot.  The quality and quantity of this content will provide unique opportunities to license, distribute, and profit from our videos, seminars, books, websites, blogs, images, greeting cards, music, scripts, success oriented memorabilia, and so much more.  Our ability to provide real world solutions, information, strategies, and training will be a direct result of the content we develop.  As our content grows, so will our influence.  Ultimately, the most important market we want to reach will be children.  They are the key to the future, and once we have become a dynamic global marketing presence, our reach will allow us to do things no company in history has taken the time, energy, or money to do.