Halloween Success Thought from Dr. Jay LaGuardia, October 31st, 2014

Dr. Jay LaGuardia Lifting Weights 2014

For today’s Halloween success thought, here is a little blurb from one of my upcoming books.

Why do we attend seminars to learn and grow, if most of us when we return home, very little changes? Why do we allow ourselves to buy into the stories we make up in our own minds that hold us back from reaching our God given potential? One of the first things to realize, is that despite what we may have felt growing up, we are born to be great! Not some of us, but all of us. If you don’t believe it, just look back through time at the countless examples of people who have overcome great obstacles to create great lives, some even transcending history.

In a related thought of course, with today being Halloween, whenever we first start out to do something it can be very scary.  In the image above I am lifting a lot of weight.  Now, if you had never lifted weights before, it would be incredibly scary to put that much weight on, which is why it is best to start out small.  Success is much the same way.  All of us need to start somewhere, and if we focus on the progress we are making along the way, things will be a lot less frightening.  So in honor of Halloween this October 31st, 2014 may each of you find a way to make some progress through your obstacles every day, fight through the fear, and one day you too will enjoy the success that comes from overcoming great obstacles along the way.


Dr. Jay LaGuardia
October 31st, 2014

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