4th of July, Think More, Be more, Do More, Have More…Give More

Happy 4th of July, 2017 to everyone.  Always and interesting day to contemplate, consider, evaluate, and analyze where we are at in life, where we are going, perhaps a little thought about where we have been, and who we are becoming on our journey in business and life.  Our thoughts this year are simple…live your life now, not tomorrow, because none of us knows how long we will get.  In my own life, this became particularly poignant when my wife of 13 years died of a brain tumor 5 years ago.  Her birthday was July 2nd, 1977 and a couple days ago she would have been turning 40 years old.  There would have been a lot of teasing, a ton of jokes, and as always a huge amount of fun.  Instead, she is gone, and me and her children are left with only the memories of the time we shared before she passed.  This is relevant, because before she died, we were able to visit something like 17 countries, financially support her mother, grandmother, grandfather, and aunt….we were able to see and do the things that most people dream of.  Now the consequences of those choices are that our family is not as financially secure as it could have been, but let me ask you this question….if you knew the person you loved most in life was going to be gone suddenly, and without warning, would you be trying to save every penny to make your own life easier when they are gone, or would you be taking every moment, every spare second you have to do something worthwhile with them…while you can?

We are not all going to answer that question the same way, but I am willing to bet that most of us, would trade the money and security for those memories, and THAT my friends is the real lesson to remember this 4th of July.  The founding fathers of America took HUGE risks, including risking their lives, in order for our country to be FREE!  Living a life that is truly free, requires risk, it requires sacrifice, but believe me, one day you are gonna look around and realize, time is passing, live a little every chance you get, make choices that allow you to live the life you want to, because one day it is over, far sooner than any of us cares to admit.  Here’s to all of us Thinking More, Doing More, Being More, Having More, and ultimately Giving More….while living a life that is free.

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About the Author

W.J. Vincent II has spent the last 20 years of his life building businesses from start-up to success in fields as varied as Real Estate, Technology, and Environmental Health. In January 2012, Natalia, his wife of 13 years, tragically passed away, her body having given in to her short but dramatic three-month battle with a brain tumor. Her sudden passing left W.J. a widowed father of a 1-year old baby girl and 4-year old boy of his own, along with a 12-year old boy and 15-year old girl he had been helping his mother-in-law to raise due to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Faced with a challenge greater than any he had known, W.J. was able to find strength and inspiration from the Bible. There were many miracles and messages that saw him through the darkest moments of his life.

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