Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll – Great Motivator, Great Coach, Super Bowl Champs 2014?

petecarroll2With the Super Bowl fast approaching, there is a tremendous opportunity to look at the upcoming championship game between two great teams, with two great coaches.  For this article we have chosen to focus on Pete Carroll, because he seems to represent something of an outlier with regards to his particular style of coaching.  When reviewing the way he goes about coaching a team he is not given as much credit as he deserves.  He is considered to be more of a cheerleader, motivator, and recruiter, than an actual great coach.  This should come as no surprise, with the NFL representing the same scenarios found in regular life.  People fear change, people want to see things done a certain way, and anytime somebody comes along that does things differently there is a lot of “talk” about how that won’t work, etc.  Well, this coming Sunday we will find out.

Pete Carroll has somehow managed to “motivate” a team that does not have a single member on it with Super Bowl experience, into the biggest game of the year.  His Seattle Seahawks are the 4th youngest team in the NFL but they have the #1 defense.  They are going up against the star studded, Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos for the coveted Lombardi Trophy.  It will take a victory on Sunday for the status quo to even begin to give credit where credit is due, but in truth the fact the Seahawks are here at all is a testament that what Pete Carroll is doing in Seattle is working.  Anyone interested in success, leadership, coaching, etc. should pay attention to how Pete Carroll’s approach of emphasizing the positives in his coaching has worked so well.  Stories of his practices, work outs, team meetings, and various other team functions being actually fun to participate in are legendary.  His team is not supposed to win on Sunday, but personally, we think they have a better chance than most people understand.  Congratulations to Pete Carroll on staying true to what he believed in, despite his first job as a head coach in the NFL ending in failure.  If he hoists the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, you can expect shock waves to be felt all around the NFL, as teams scramble to begin to embrace a new way of thinking.  Nothing changes attitudes faster in business, life, and of course the NFL like success, and if the Seattle Seahawks do the seemingly impossible and beat the Denver Broncos on Sunday….get ready for lots of talk next year about embracing the positives.  Of course if you are already a student of success, then you know this works exceedingly well in business, life, and love.  Good Luck to both teams, the Super Bowl is always a chance to watch “greatness” play out, here’s to a good game that goes down to the wire!

Here is a nice article about Pete Carroll’s Coaching

John Fox is a very good coach as well, turns out they are not so different.  Here is a neat article from ESPN comparing the two.

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