Sooner Or Later, Karma Catches up to Everyone


Yesterday was an amazing day not just in the world of sports, but for America and the world at large as well.  By now most everyone has been made aware of the disgusting comments made by billionaire Donald Sterling the longtime owner of the NBA basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers.  It seems that for many years Mr. Sterling had actively practiced blatant racism within his multiple business practices, but most notably amongst his real estate ventures.  Due to his immense wealth, and what must assuredly be a crack legal team, he repeatedly was able to settle out of court, or defeat any lawsuits that had been brought against him, even ones brought by the federal government.  Here at ThinkMoreBeMore.Com we believe very strongly in the power of Karma, both good and bad eventually evening out.  So despite all these years of escaping any real punishment, it seems that Donald Sterling has been dealt a hugely unexpected blow that cripples his social standing, destroys his credibility, and hurts him in the place that is far more painful than money ever could, his long-term legacy near the end of his life has been totally, utterly, and completely destroyed.

So, even though he was able to spend many years behaving reprehensibly seemingly without any real or serious repercussions, all that has been changed in an irrevocable way seldom seen in the history of business or sports.  To anyone that has ever doubted that what we do both good and bad in this lifetime matters, this story will stand as a testament to the reality that it does indeed matter, even if sometimes there is some lag time for it to catch up.  There is no place for racism in the world we live in, especially when it is committed by people with the ability to discriminate against people far less fortunate than them.  Some people do not respond to logic and reasoning, others just do not care about what is right, so an example of one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men being humbled in such an extreme way will hopefully serve at the very least as a deterrent for this type of unacceptable societal behavior in the future.  In the meantime, this can be seen as a rare public victory for getting rid of the ugliness of racism, hopefully it is a big step forward in creating a better society.  Congratulations to the NBA for setting an excellent example of acting swiftly and decisively in a situation that could have easily dragged out for weeks on end.

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W.J. Vincent II has spent the last 20 years of his life building businesses from start-up to success in fields as varied as Real Estate, Technology, and Environmental Health. In January 2012, Natalia, his wife of 13 years, tragically passed away, her body having given in to her short but dramatic three-month battle with a brain tumor. Her sudden passing left W.J. a widowed father of a 1-year old baby girl and 4-year old boy of his own, along with a 12-year old boy and 15-year old girl he had been helping his mother-in-law to raise due to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Faced with a challenge greater than any he had known, W.J. was able to find strength and inspiration from the Bible. There were many miracles and messages that saw him through the darkest moments of his life.

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