Steve Kerr Exhibits The Best Kind Of Leadership by WJ Vincent II

It is very important to recognize that there are a lot of different types of leadership that can be successful in the world that we live in.  Perhaps even more important though, is to understand that there are some techniques, styles, etc., that are far more effective than the others, and on many different levels.  Right now the world is getting a chance to see firsthand the true value of extraordinary leadership, the kind that gives credit to others, empowers people, and creates a system that as long as everyone buys in, can be seamless regardless of who is running it.

That is exactly what NBA Head Coach Steve Kerr has done with the Golden State Warriors.  People will be quick to take credit away from Steve Kerr due to the level of talent on his roster, and the fact that the team wins at a high percentage whether he is there or not.  The truth is, this is a rare thing.  Lots of teams with lots of talent never become or do anything worthy of note, somebody has to get that talent to work together, and live up to that potential.  The rarest of leaders in this day in age, is the one that gives everyone else all the credit, and builds a system where they can be replaced at any time, and the system will continue to run smoothly and successfully.  That is EXACTLY what Steve Kerr has done, and the world should be recognizing how difficult it is to find someone willing to empower everyone around them so much, that success happens regardless.

We will do a follow up on this article after the Golden State Warriors win another championship, barring any significant injuries, we believe that is what is going to happen.  Steve Kerr may not be on the bench, but his philosophies, vision, and leadership will be found at every level of the team, in the weeks to come.  This kind of leadership is what all coaches, CEO’s, teachers, and leaders anywhere and everywhere should strive to be.



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W.J. Vincent II has spent the last 20 years of his life building businesses from start-up to success in fields as varied as Real Estate, Technology, and Environmental Health. In January 2012, Natalia, his wife of 13 years, tragically passed away, her body having given in to her short but dramatic three-month battle with a brain tumor. Her sudden passing left W.J. a widowed father of a 1-year old baby girl and 4-year old boy of his own, along with a 12-year old boy and 15-year old girl he had been helping his mother-in-law to raise due to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Faced with a challenge greater than any he had known, W.J. was able to find strength and inspiration from the Bible. There were many miracles and messages that saw him through the darkest moments of his life.

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