Street Light vs. Star Light

starrynight1So much I would like to say about this little idea.  Probably best to just dive right in from the beginning.  Tonight just so happened to be “garbage” night.  That once a week ritual where we remove all the trash from our house to be picked up in the wee hours of the morning.  Tonight was a beautifully clear night, with the stars and moon shining bright as can be.  In a nice twist, our street light has been on the blink for a while now.  Probably should report it to somebody, but tonight it was nice, because the street light would intermittently shut off, and then after a few minutes slowly come back on.  This created an incredible juxtaposition of the difference in view between looking at the stars and moon without street light interference, versus with.

Needless to say, the view without the encroachment of the bothersome street light was decidedly more spectacular, vivid, and real.  Probably this is the same as with our goals isn’t it?  Most of the time the vision of our future, or the path to our ideal life so to speak is cloudy, blurry, and difficult to see.  There are too many things getting in the way of our view, clouding the picture so to speak.  Tonight, I was given a first hand glimpse at the difference between a clear and focused view, versus a cloudy, distracted one.  There are an endless number of analogies we could cover with this idea.  For today though, I would like to just keep it simple.  Most of us are surrounded every single day of our lives by beauty that we don’t even notice.  The constant distraction of the “street lights” in our lives keeps us many times from even looking up at the stars.  Years ago, those stars and moon were the inspiration for all the great achievements in human history.  Today we are bombarded by the internet 24 hours a day through our mobile phones, high definition televisions, tablets, computers, or whatever electronic device happens to be your own favorite.  Those street lights are often times keeping us from seeing the natural and awesome beauty all around us.  By constantly focusing on the “virtual world” we are missing many of the most beautiful, inspirational, and sometimes life changing real world experiences.  Tonight I took a moment and laid down on my driveway to stare up at the stars and moon.  Sometimes my view was perfect, and other times it was somewhat ruined by the flickering of that street light.

My hope for anyone taking the time to read this, is that you will take a moment whenever you can to appreciate the beauty you are surrounded by.  Doesn’t just have to be the stars above, although on a clear day what is in the sky can touch us in ways few things can.  The sound of my children’s laughter, the sparkle of melting snow off my roof, the delicious aroma of your favorite breakfast wafting through the place you live.  Try to not get so caught up in the daily grind, that you miss what is most important.  Far too soon each of us will gaze upon the moon and stars for the last time, when we approach the end we will either be filled with a deep sense of satisfaction, or a strong feeling of regret.  Focusing on the starlight I am guessing will give all of us a great deal more satisfaction than any street light ever will.

About the Author

W.J. Vincent II has spent the last 20 years of his life building businesses from start-up to success in fields as varied as Real Estate, Technology, and Environmental Health. In January 2012, Natalia, his wife of 13 years, tragically passed away, her body having given in to her short but dramatic three-month battle with a brain tumor. Her sudden passing left W.J. a widowed father of a 1-year old baby girl and 4-year old boy of his own, along with a 12-year old boy and 15-year old girl he had been helping his mother-in-law to raise due to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Faced with a challenge greater than any he had known, W.J. was able to find strength and inspiration from the Bible. There were many miracles and messages that saw him through the darkest moments of his life.

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