Students are 100% of our Future…Part 1

Blue Brain on Computer

So I just read something that says that students are only 20% of our populations, but they are 100% of our future.  Wow, pretty incredible when you think of it like that.  Same article pointed out how much technology has changed over the last century, while the classroom has not.  How much future potential are we losing, because the majority of our educational system is stuck in a mode that hasn’t kept up with the times?  One thing that gets lost in the conversation about overhauling our educational system, is the lack of true participation and backing from parents.  When I was growing up, I knew if I got in trouble at school, I would get in double trouble at home.  The teacher was in charge, and it was my job to figure out how to make things work.  Nowadays, there is a tendency to defend our children to the point of developing a lack of accountability.  What would have a bigger impact on the future potential of our students….changing the system…or better involvement of the parents?


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W.J. Vincent II has spent the last 20 years of his life building businesses from start-up to success in fields as varied as Real Estate, Technology, and Environmental Health. In January 2012, Natalia, his wife of 13 years, tragically passed away, her body having given in to her short but dramatic three-month battle with a brain tumor. Her sudden passing left W.J. a widowed father of a 1-year old baby girl and 4-year old boy of his own, along with a 12-year old boy and 15-year old girl he had been helping his mother-in-law to raise due to her battle with multiple sclerosis. Faced with a challenge greater than any he had known, W.J. was able to find strength and inspiration from the Bible. There were many miracles and messages that saw him through the darkest moments of his life.

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