Wonder Woman – A Great Summer Movie

Ah yes, the vaunted summer super hero movie.  When I was growing up, this was a rare thing.  People who read and collected comic books, like my brother and I, were in the minority.  Nowadays, it seems every other month a new super hero movie comes out.  This does not change the fact that certain super heroes will always remain a little more iconic, and important than others.  Wonder Woman has definitely fallen into that category from the beginning.  This summer’s movie version of the powerful female super hero really gets it right.  There is much to love about this film.  The actress Gal Gadot slides into the role as if she was born for it.  Perhaps the most difficult thing for any super hero movie, is to find the right person to represent the hero.  Especially when that person needs to make the impossible seem believable.  Ms. Gadot absolutely nails everything we could ever want about any super hero, not just Wonder Woman.  She is just the right amount of class, intelligence, good looks, and smooth power.  As this is an origin film, Gal Gadot also does a remarkable job of finding the right amount of naivete in her role, necessary for the beginning arc of the character.

Anyone that studies success, leadership, marketing, advertising, psychology, sales, and any number of success related arenas can learn a lot by watching this film.  I made the rare decision to take my 7 year old daughter to see this film, even though it was PG-13, and yes there were times she had to cover her eyes, but there were so very many others where I saw the precious look of awe and wonder on her face.  Her mouth wide open in surprise and amazement as Wonder Woman did things onscreen previously usually only seen done by “male” super heroes.  I believe in my heart that this movie gives a great message of empowerment to women all over the world.  My brother and I were much more into the Marvel comics growing up, but we always thought that Wonder Woman never really got the placement of power she deserved in the overall pantheon of super heroes.  Well, this movie does an incredible job of showing just how powerful and strong she is, and since super hero movies are all about fantasy, wish fulfillment, and seeing characters do things all of us dream of, it is about time somebody showed us a woman character just as strong and powerful as any male hero previously brought to the big screen.

Credit to Gal Gadot, who should get a nice long movie career out of this.  She has given little girls all over the world a super hero to be proud of, and trust me when I tell you, there are a ton of little boys that feel exactly the same way.  Congratulations to all the people involved in Wonder Woman on making a movie that is incredibly enjoyable to watch, while also providing a much deserved boost to female power across all the super hero universes.  The box office results should show Hollywood, that there is really no such thing as a sexist bias in the movie going public.  Give us a Great Female Character, and we are just as likely to turn over our cash as a Great Male Character…..the key definition that everyone should learn by now…it doesn’t matter the race of a movie character, or the sex of a movie character…if it is a Great Character….performed at a great level….then all of us are interested in seeing it.  Thanks to the Wonder Woman crew and proving that contrary to what some in Hollywood might believe…just give us Greatness, male, female, white, black, asian, indian, hispanic, or any other ethnicity, and we will come and see it….


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